15 Simple But Significant Ways To Make Your Spouse/Partner Feel Loved and Appreciated

Trust. Affection. Attention. There are words and a lot of heartening words that are related to love. Words that are love to hear and utter to your beloved ones mainly to your spouse, partner, or whatever your call sign is.  

There is a phrase that exists which is always been associated with love, 

“Actions speak louder than words, and are more to be regarded.” 

The phrase’s first appearance was in the year 1736 in a work entitled the Melancholy State of Province. This phrase is so impactful in every circumstance. Once it has been uttered, you know that words do not matter as long as it is not done or manifested. This is very mindful even at this day when love is only being shown through social media without physical manifestation. 

We should manifest our love and affection to our beloved ones and be cautious not just only by taking pride through our social media network.

Sometimes we tend to ignore our spouse or partner and not know their present feelings and thoughts. We must be fully aware of his/her emotional needs not just providing food and water. 

By doing these 15 simple but significant ways to your spouse or partner, you can make them feel loved and appreciated:

  1. Saying “I love you”, on a daily basis. As in daily! Regularly!
  2. Showing physical affection through kissing on the lips and cheeks, hugging, cuddling, holding hands, and giving massages.
  3. Doing an act of kindness for the person you loved. Make him/her coffee and breakfast. Volunteering on cleaning the house. Or, maybe doing the dishes or laundry.
  4. Being trustworthy and honest. Be an open book to each other. No secrets. No lies. Emotional security is one of the key factors of strong relationships. 
  5. Being the water on the heat of an argument. When you feel an argument is about to begin, how you will react will prevent further disagreements or quarrels. 
  6. Being grateful to him/her for all of the time. Thank him/her for his/her presence when they are always there for you or while you are having a bad day.
  7. Knowing his/her shortcomings and weaknesses. In every difficult situation, you must understand who they are and what they want, and dealing with him/her will be uncomplicated to you. Do not deal with each other’s hate to do or say.
  8. Accepting his/her faults and shortcomings. We are not perfect and so are they. Your relationship will be in good harmony if both of you have accepted who they are, wholeheartedly.
  9. Make every moment special for them. Bringing home a simple but inexpensive gift to him/her if budget permits. Or eat out together in an affordable eating house. Be not the expensive things be the standard of your love.
  10. Always be cautious about his/her feelings. His/her body language emanates the unspoken message they want to express in silence.
  11. Always remember the little things or details about them. Their birthdays, your wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day; or even their favorite food, color, or hobbies. These are the immeasurable things/details if remembered are exceedingly pleasing to them. 
  12. Listen to and empathize with them. Much talk would not solve the problem. Sometimes you have to pause and listen to what they want to say.
  13. Being in a cheerful conversation. Often speak kind words to them. Be an optimistic person while chatting with them.
  14. Being present in every achievement he/she gained. The best person to share with the achievement he/she gained is you because when they decided to do it at first, it was you as their dedication. 
  15. Help him/her bring out the best of themselves. If they want to learn or improve on something, like in their hobbies or habits, let them feel and know that you are their #1 fan. Remember, a little progress is still progress.

And the list goes on and on. There are many diverse ways to manifest how much you love them and how you can make them feel special and appreciated. We can not enlist them all here but make sure that you will put yourself in their shoes so you can know how you should treat them kindly and pleasantly.

Be in love with each other every day. Show now your love and affection as much as you can, thus, regret will not be a part of your relationship. Check out our mugs that can be an excellent gift for your spouse or partner.


1st image – Couple Holds A Heart-shaped Pillow

2nd image – Couple Making Heart

3rd image – Couple Eating Pizza Together

4th image – Photo of a Gift

Featured Image – Couple Love Reading Park

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