4 Reasons Why It Is Important To Celebrate Father’s day 2022

In the world of gambling, there is a bet that we called “ALL-IN” wherein we risk everything we have to the point that nothing will be left to us once we lost. That bet is just like our fathers. they will give and risk everything they have just to give us a good life. Every third Sunday of June we celebrate Father’s day and it is the greatest opportunity for us to express our most sincere gratitude and deepest love to them. There are certain things that we should know in celebrating this special day so here are the 4 Reasons Why It Is Important To Celebrate Father’s day 2022. 

1. Your first hero and first boyfriend

If you are a boy you might not know he was your first superhero even before Batman! Why do fathers want to be viewed as heroic? It is simply to inspire confidence in their children. Kids emulate their fathers, and if a father shows that he is courageous and strong in front of his kids, they will grow up believing that he is courageous and strong. 

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If you are a girl, again you might not know he was your first boyfriend in this world. For a daughter, getting love from his father is a huge thing. How he treats her sets the tone for so many other relationships in her life. He is the ultimate standard and role model for manhood. Every boy that she will meet will automatically be measured against him. 

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Do you see? Heroes are real and a perfect boyfriend is tangible! We owe them everything. 

2. Your lifetime coach

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He taught us everything! From basic, childhood things to some random, cool stuff which are also more than welcome. He brought you to watch the football game live for the first time. The same applies to a music concert or the cinema. Also, you went fishing or hiking together. He taught you how to ride a bicycle. The first time you felt the seawater was with him. Father bought your first ice cream. He was playing games with you but was also helping you with the homework if it is necessary. He was there to hug you when you were crying. And when you were growing up, he was there to teach you all the life lessons, regardless of the situation. The best life coach you’re ever going to have! And most importantly, all mentioned things he did because he loves you more than anyone and anything else.

Fatherhood is one of the greatest jobs that a man can have. Scary at first because there are so many unknowns, but the skills to teach their children are the ones that were passed down to us from our fathers and their fathers before them.

3. Your loving leader

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A family that is being led by a loving father is surely a blast! He does not rule the home and boss around but leads each and every one. He is the captain of the offense in his family just like in some major sports he’s responsible on how to execute a perfect game plan. He is also the Head of the Department of Defense in his family, a strong protector who protects what is priceless to him. Think about it, football teams lose if they have no plan for defense and nations fall if they don’t have a national defense. We are being protected by our father in many ways. You just don’t know but they are vigilant to what kind of music you are listening to or what movies you are watching. One thing that is really hard is losing a father at a young age, research shows that human trafficking is connected to fatherlessness. The majority of those in the porn industry have come from fatherless homes. Be grateful that you have one! Some of the greatest and most significant decisions of our lives happened because our father gave us solid counsel and direction when we needed it most so it is very important that we know the function of a father as a leader in the family. He has the passion and desire to bring out the best in all those under his care:  his wife, children, and any other family members. He does not suppress, oppress or depress the potential and talents of others; he releases them and cultivates them. He’s a true leader and provides an environment for growth.  He does not try to inhibit family members or create an atmosphere of fear or distrust and has the passion to maximize the potential of others so they may realize their full and true abilities. 

4. Your Compassionate friend

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A father always tries their best to connect with us though sometimes it is difficult for them to know when to show comfort and when to tell us to quit whining and grow up. We need both.

Compassion leads to friendship. He is the most patient, funny, smart, and industrious person. Like our friends, he always listens patiently to any of our problems no matter how inane they are and helps us in solving them.


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When parents grew old, they need a stick to walk on the right way. Kids work as a stick to them who guide them in the proper way just like a child who needs a hand to stand at his very first stage of learning to walk. 


Old age is the other form of second childhood. It's a shame to see some kids who leave their parents in their second childhood. Your parents always will be your parents in terms of providing happiness to you but do remember that their lives are equally important and essential like a child. If you truly love them then you should stand by your parents even during their second childhood. This father’s day, don’t just give your father any materialistic gift, just give him the promise to stand beside him all the time including during his second childhood. Nothing can be more celestial and pure than this gift

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