5 Possible Reason Why Your New Year's Resolution Fail Most of the Time?

A life’s purpose is what drives a person to be better than he was. Success comes when you worked out for it and so is a failure when you quit. But failure does not mean you have to quit, but perhaps it is a way of telling you to try a little harder and smarter for another time. Without failure, people can not perceive success as the fruit of their labor.

There is this quote from Phil C. McGraw that we always read or heard and may sometimes ignore its significance in our lives, “Life is a marathon, not a sprint” 

Perhaps you knew what can be the meaning of that quote but let me emphasize to you what is its significance to us, especially in our New Year’s resolution. Marathon so does sprint is not an easy sport because they require you to indulge in intense training practice more often and focus on the goal.

The goal is to hit the finish line. Have you ever noticed the difference between the marathon and the sprint? I think you have, but let me reiterate this.

Marathon focuses on the long run while sprinting focuses on the short term running. It means in the marathon you have to endure the hardship that your body will encounter along the long way. Obstacles are inevitable. But when endured well, it is utterly satisfying.

Some of us see our New Year’s Resolution to be done like in a sprint, to see the immediate outcome. Or, some of us endure the process and overcome obstacles like in a marathon.

Be it developing a skill or talent, enhancing our body’s physique, changing fashion, and eventually being the best version of ourselves.

In this blog, we will help you determine the reasons why you failed on your New Year’s resolution last year so it can not happen this year.

This blog enlisted 5 possible reasons why you failed in your New Year’s resolve:

Lack of motivation

The dictionary defines motivation as a force or influence that causes someone to do something. You may ask yourself, what or who is/are that force/s? Family? Friends? For yourself? Your loved ones?

We have had many reasons to get motivated but lacking it may immediately end up quitting your New Year’s resolution in the first few months of the year. It is regrettable if that will happen since you have thought it deeply many days before the New Year comes.

Passion is lost

Being passionate about something is an excellent token that we want to develop ourselves as humans. Music, arts, sciences, life skills, etc., are some things that we can be passionate about.

We have seen Elvis Presley achieves the title of being the King of Rock and Roll through his music or the extensive details on the painting of Monalisa by Leonardo DaVinci. Their passion makes them prominent in our society. But why does your passion is lost in some way?

It can be having no support from your family and circle of friends, or having been surrounded by pessimistic people does your light on your passion become dimmer and dimmer until that light goes off.

You’re not being you

The most important aspect in making a New Year's resolve is that you know yourself better than anyone else. You planned to change, you make the change. No one would ever dictate what should be done.

Resolve outside of your attitude or personality or who you really are is likely wanting to impress others or are being dominated by the decision of the people surrounding you.

It’s like you want to be a doctor but you chose to be a lawyer because you believed what others believe for you. Question is, are you doing this for them or for yourself?

You’re not slowing down

Like a butterfly that came out from being a caterpillar, our New Year’s resolve takes some time to achieve or accomplish too. You can not tell yourself that you want to be somewhat good at handling your basketball and expect the result in just a few days or weeks.

Doing it may take a year but it is important that you have started it immediately or have not started it at all. Rushing up on your resolution will not bring forth a good and satisfying result and you will end up disgusted and tired, changing your resolve to another because you might think that you have decided for the wrong one.

You are still living in your comfort zone

A person gets on with their New Year’s resolution because they confide in themselves. They believe that they can do it for the whole year without hesitation and discontinuation.

But how can one person fail to finish his/her resolve? Sometimes, you get discouraged because it is inconvenient to you and told yourself that you could not be able to continue to hang on, or you became lazy because it is showing a little result despite taking time to do it.

Or perhaps, you received discouragement from your family or your circle of friends. Whatever it may be, remember, you plan it for yourself, not for others’ reasons.

Let us take thought into what was discussed earlier in this blog. What can you do to prevent those reasons that you had encountered or will encounter? I may suggest some things.

Firstly, it is not too late to motivate yourself, to begin with, and to continue your resolve. If you have paused it by January, you can still continue doing it by February. 

If your motivation could not come from the people around you, you can get motivation from prominent people (an actor, a well-known musician, an artist, etc.). Remember the quote, “Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard”.

Next, we have still several months for our New Year’s resolution to be more passionate about. Look inward on your traits, your strength. You know yourself more than others.

Be joyful in spite of having trouble with it. If you have felt or will feel exhausted doing your resolve, take a break! A vacation of a few days or weeks will do and come back more mentally strong and motivated. Just refresh and be inspired again.

Build your confidence. Get out of your comfort zone. Find trustworthy people. It could be your most trusted colleague, friend, or family member that can understand your feelings and visions. 

Let us not forget that New Year’s resolution is meant to change, improve or develop ourselves for the better. Your influence while you are seriously doing it can ripple to others, may find inspiration from you which, eventually, can make this world a better place to live in if most, not all, desire to change to be a better version of themselves.

Be inspired, motivated, and passionate, and expect a wonderful future ahead of you! I believe this blog is for you to read on. Will you still be able to continue your New Year’s resolution? I hope you can still do. Adieu!



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