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Sleep Training For Baby Using CIO (cry-it-out) and Ferber Method


One of the most challenging tasks for any parent is to get their child to fall asleep. A mother knows best that sleep is so precious, just like their little ones. A night of healthy sleep for the baby is prime for mommy to get a better sleep routine. Plus, the benefits for a child and a mom are memory improvement and boosting the immune system to get a better mood each day.

Two strategies are introduced to help baby sleep quickly: Ferber method sleep training and CIO (cry it out ) technique. In this article, you can discover if this can be an option to apply for baby sleeping training.


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The Ferber Method Vs. CIO (cry-it-out)

These two controversial methods showed contrasting perspectives.

The Ferber method is far different from the CIO (cry-it-out strategy) and how they may work for your child. Here, you can learn the difference between these two methods of sleeping.


Cry-It-Out Strategy

Many experts and parents believe that this sleeping strategy known as the Cry-It-Out method can cause psychological destruction for the baby. It is a way of ignoring the child until they fall asleep. Cry it out method is very crucial for many parents to try this way. That is why the cry-it-out is in total extinction nowadays than the Ferber method. The Cry-It-Out promotes self-supporting sleep by totally ignoring a child, while the Ferber method involves checking the baby and being gentle for their sleeping adjustment.


Ferber Method

The Ferber method is a sleeping training, known and developed by an expert pediatrician Dr. Richard Ferber, the former director of the Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders at Children's Hospital Boston and introduced in his book Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems 1985. The technique is supposedly intended more for babies 6 months older than infants, helping them learn self-soothing and letting them cry for a definite time before going to check and comfort, by tapping for about a minute and making them feel not alone and secured. Once you opt for this method, the training method should be consistent to be effective.


Why does the Ferber method is considered by others than the Cry-it-out strategy?

According to the study, letting a child cry for a long time can damage mentally and cause digestive issues. A parent's comfort is much needed,  especially for infants less than 3months of age, for they need more time for feeding and attachment of mother's bonding. However, when the cry it out is developed in a gentle version of the Ferber method, parents favor this method of time-checking and comforting more than ignoring it. Others believe that it is wiser to choose the safe one than to take a risk with a harmful cause.


Training for Ferber Method

In introducing the Ferber method, make sure the baby should be awake and sleepy before putting a baby into the crib. You can talk to them briefly to condition them before leaving the room, expecting that the baby will cry and wonder, be patient and wait for about 3 minutes before you check them. When it's time for checking, remember not to carry or pick them up and even feed and then repeat going back for specific time intervals every 3 to 5 minutes check-in.


How long does it take and work in the Ferber method?

The Ferber method can work on your baby depending on the consistency of the plan. The assurance works for others is within a week and expecting first for about three consecutive days of crying during the training. After establishing extra effort and successful sleep training in your child doesn't mean that the sleep time routine remains. There are things to remember to look at their developmental progression, which is natural for babies when they are sick, transitions of the sleep cycle, and teething. Consider your child's safety and health.


Helpful Tips in the Ferber Method

To get successful training on your baby, here are ways to establish a good start bedtime routine.


  • Be mindful of the time before you get started in this method. Makes sure that you settle everything for the bedtime routine.
  • Consider the changes for your baby. Don't dare to start if the baby is teething, sick, or planning out for vacation. If so, this may interrupt the successful result of the method.
  • Nevertheless, be consistent with the method. If any concern happens, best to acknowledge the baby's doctor's advice.

Warning About the Use of Ferber Method

Ferber is not appropriate for all. Even researchers who advocate Ferber sleep training warn that sleep training is inappropriate for babies under 6 months old (France and Blampied 1999; Owens et al 1999). It should not be use when babies have medical condition, a fear of being left alone, or vomiting condition. You should consult with a behavioral psychologist about the most appropriate approach to sleep training (France and Blampied 1999). Seek professional advice and don't just rely on others success stories on using different sleeping methods. 

For more information about this sleep training method, see an article by Amber LoRe - Pediatric Sleep Consultant here

Mothers know best. Their motherly instinct is always active and every sleep training method must be studied. It might be successful to others but not on your child because every child is different and special. Remember, as your baby grows, she will be sleeping for longer and longer periods of time at night. Before you know it, you are getting all the sleep you need. Work on what is best to your child and to you as a mom. Consider your child's safety and health. Contact your doctor and seek their professional advice on what is best to your babies. YOUR CHILD SAFETY SHOULD ALWAYS BE CONSIDERED. 

What do you think of this method? Comment below and share your insightful tips to new moms about your experience on sleep training  your babies.

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