How to Handle Toddler Temper Tantrums and Stop them from Crying Fast

A temper tantrum is a kind of annoyance and anger, commonly in children. Many parents are struggling to manage their child's misbehavior which can lead to being out of control. And because of that, it is inevitable to question your parenting method, most probably when you are at your wit's end. It is good to consider that tantrums are not an indication of poor parenting.

Temper tantrums are part of their growing process and overcoming their negative emotions, which is a normal thing of childhood that provides patience and compassion. The children with this kind of conduct are commonly in preschool or at their early school years of age, typical in toddlers.

In this article, you may find out helpful ways on what is the best thing to do to deal with tantrums. Just keep reading and learn to cope up with the effective ways of handling tantrums fast.

Stages of Toddlers Tantrums

There are many causes that parents should be aware of why kids are having temper tantrums. One of the reasons is that they get frustrated, particularly when they cannot get what they want and feel ignored when you don't respond to them right away. It is typically happening in ages between 1 and 2. Other reasons may include fatigue, diaper change, sick, hunger and wanting something to get, and so on. They have difficulty in expressing clearly because of their speaking restrictions.

However, when children turn  3 or 4, the outbursts are still there and as part of their milestones. At this age, they are fully aware of what they want and desperately want something to do, but the struggle remains in expressing themselves. As a result, tantrums begin!

 As your child gets older and enters preschool doesn't mean the outburst is over. They are still in the process of learning to do new things and get very disappointed when they can't do it on their own, such as tying their shoes, playing with their building blocks or puzzles, and even buttoning or unbuttoning a shirt. Everything new to them may cause easily upset when they try hard and don't meet their expectations and lead to tantrums.



Best Ways to Deal with Tantrums

Here are the best ways to deal with your child temper tantrums and make them stop crying fast. 


Time Out in Isolation Way

If a child is in such a mood of kicking, intense crying, and getting aggressive, whether in public or at home, you may take them out in the situation immediately. You may bring them into their room or find a quiet place if it happens in public. Let them express their emotions, anger, and frustrations.  Try to be still with no energy and reactions as if you are literally like a robot. Do not talk as much as possible, but make them feel safe that you are just there and waiting for them to be calm.  In that way, be consistent so the next time it happens, they will notice that it doesn't make sense if they continue to outburst. As soon as they get calm, try to comfort them and give them a simple reward of a kiss and hug. Explain things the way they understand, then move on.

Divert the situations

When you notice that something can trigger your child's tantrums, like trying to do something which is not allowed and about to ask for something to buy or get and you can't grant it for some reason, you can try to divert it and make distractions right away. You may also try to think quickly for any simple activity that might catch their attention.

Being exaggerated in describing things

This way is different from trying to ignore things. Here, you must provide extra effort and energy by describing things and getting their attention by establishing energy communication. You may start by pointing out things and giving exaggerated reactions, like saying, ''Oh look at that, you've got a nice shoe today! It's a very nice color'', or you may ask questions about colors, shapes, or anything that begin interactions with until they forget the cause of tantrums issues.

The Bottom Line to Consider

Above all, it is helpful to remember that tantrums are essential for your child's emotional development. One great way to manage a child from tantrums is your expression of love to them in considering not to shouting and hitting discipline, be mindful that you are their role model, and what you set an example to them might eventually do the same.

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