How to Spoil your Grandchildren the Right Way?

The feeling of emptiness is most commonly inevitable to parents when their children have grown up and needed to separate and build their own families. So when the time comes that there will be a new family member, like grandchildren, the loneliness turns into an exciting and rewarding experience. They want to give full support to their grandchildren and pamper them with love. 

While parents are disciplining and setting limits and consequences to stop right away the kids' poor habits, grandparents are busy rescuing their grand-kids by overtaking parents' rules without noticing it. Parents don't like indulgent parenting wherein the children get what they want for themselves because of too much spoiling. So, as a grandparent, you must be considerate of parents' rules than risk losing precious time with grand kids.

Here are some helpful ways on how to spoil your grandchildren "right".

Respect The Household Rule

Grandparents must remember the importance of their boundaries. Having an open conversation is a big help for both sides. Knowing the grandkids’ limitations regarding foods, using the gadget, and even spending a lot of time for some activities are very important.  Some grandchildren seems to enjoy it whenever grandparents spoil them. Grandchildren might also ask grandparents some other things that their parents are not allowing them. Example of these are extra screen time, more chocolates, expensive kinds of stuff, and so on. In this case, it is the best to balance and honor the rule of grandchildren's parents. Doing so will make grandkids feel and know that their grandparents and parents are on the same ground for their boundaries. Consequently, healthy discipline for kids will be obtained.

Give Without Taking Advantage

Some grandparents naturally share financially for the children's needs and welfare. Although, parents would highly appreciate financial help, grandparent must be mindful that giving financial support doesn't make additional rights to bypass the ground rule. However, concerning giving a present, the best thing to do is to discuss it with the parents. Consider parents' suggestions that are essential to the children well being.

Negotiate Roles and Boundaries

There might be a need for you as a grandparent to negotiate your role and boundaries as circumstances change. According to, an Australian parenting website, here are some helpful guides on how to effectively do it:


  • Ask parents what sort of help they’d like from you.
  • If you want to be more involved, say so – but be sensitive to the needs of the new parents. For example, ‘I’d love to look after Frankie while you go out for a coffee, but I understand that you might not be ready to leave her just yet’.
  • Speak up if you feel that the new parents want more than you can manage. For example, ‘I can look after Riley on Tuesday afternoons, but I have things to do on other days of the week’.
  • Suggest a trial period if you’re concerned about taking on too much. For example, ‘Let’s try it for a month and see how it goes’.

Being a granddad and grandmom is one of the best role that a person can have. No one is perfect but being a grandparent is indeed a rewarding experience one could ever have.

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