Why Is Having Good Neighbors More Important Than You Think?

Neighbors are people who live next door or near to us. If we live away from our relatives or family, neighbors are the ones who we rely on many things. If you are fortunate enough to have good neighbors, here are some reasons why neighbors are important:


1) No man is on island.

According to Chinese proverb, ‘Neighbors are better than relatives that live far away’ It summarizes the importance of having good neighbors. We need someone to talk to and aside from our family, neighbors are the closest person to us to have a conversation with.


2) Provides local knowledge

If you are new in the neighborhood, some of them might be living on the place for decades and they are one of the best who have knowledge about the ins and outs of the place. They can give you a heads up about the best local food restaurant or preparation where it floods during a storm.


3) Keep an eye on you

According to Laura Sinclair in her article, Why Knowing Your Neighbors Is More Important Than You Think, good neighbors subconsciously keep an eye on you and knows if something isn’t right. They can easily tell when there are strange noises or people around. Since they live right next to you, they can watch over your property when you are at work or vacation too. It always good to have a proactive eyes and ears that look for each other.


4) First respondents

During emergency cases specially at the middle of night you can rely to your good neighbor for a help. When all of the sudden you need to take a family member to the hospital, and you can’t drive for some reason, your neighbor can be there for you. One person in the neighborhood might be a doctor or police officer which can really help a neighborhood in times of need.

5) Your first customer

When you are starting a business and want to know how the public will perceive your product or service, they are usually the one who can be give a review. It can be your new recipe or a skill that you want to promote. Or maybe you are looking for an extra income, you can be a private tutor to their children, lawn a garden or take care of the pets when they are on a long trip.
Good neighbors are really a blessing. It can make a place safer and happier. It can bring peace of mind knowing that our neighbors are always there for us. You don’t need to be best friends to them but creating a harmonious relationship to them can make your community more peaceful and fun.

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