New To The World Of Dating? 9 Amazing Tips For Dating Every Uncle Must Know

I would like to congratulate you my dear Uncle because you did it! You have finally asked out the most beautiful girl you met at the bar. Or you took the chance and leap from online to real-world dating. Or you successfully accepted the blind date that has been set up by your friend for a long time. Now that you're here. These are the 9 Amazing Tips for Dating Every Uncle Must know.


1. Be Neat

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Perfumes are not so necessary, but you do need to bathe and wear clean clothes. Be presentable. Speaking of clothes, wear something nice. Not over the top, but not pajamas or your construction jumpsuit. If you need help with a personal style or grooming, get it. There’s nothing wrong with calling in the professionals to do so. Buy a new wardrobe if you are new to the scene, or simply get some advice on how to put together what you already have. Establish a look that makes you feel great. Brush your teeth. Bring a mint or gum along in case your breath stinks by the time you get to your date. Get rid of the mint or gum before talking. Never forget to wear your smile!

2. Be Polite

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Politeness in a narrow sense is the respect and friendly feelings of others expressed by words. In a broad sense, politeness is not only in polite words to others, but also in proper dress and behavior. When dating a woman, you should pay attention to the number one (1) tip. Be sure to clean yourself up. Choose a hairstyle that suits you, wear clothes that match your temperament, shave your beard clean, and so on. These external embellishments are a kind of expression of respect for women, will leave a good impression on them, and will add points to the atmosphere of your next date. Praise is a kind of appreciation and affirmation of others and an important manifestation of politeness. The first thing to do is to praise her dress and find her merits. Praise will make her feel that she has been affirmed by you, and will unconsciously have a good impression on you, which will help to further warm up your relationship.

3. Make the first move and have Enthusiasm

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Most women are naturally shy when faced with men. So when dating, we should be very lively and cheerful, the atmosphere natural and unrestrained, active. We must take the initiative to ask her, set a date. Before dating, you must book the hotel she likes in advance according to her preference. It's better to prepare a small gift for her as a surprise so that she can feel your care and make her feel that you care about her.

The initiative and enthusiasm also mentioned that there is a gentlemanly demeanor in every aspect. The first thing to get the menu is to ask her to order first, and then to make a decision when she is hesitant. During the meal, take the initiative to pour tea for girls and take tissues. At the end of the date, try to send her home. Even if she doesn't let you do it, you should also watch her show your meticulousness and make her feel that you are a considerate man and will let you exude the charm of a man from the inside out.

4. Always be positive

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The power of positive thinking is absolutely real. Yes, it is true that we can't be positive all the time, but when it comes to dating, try to do your best to keep any negativity at bay because if you go on a first date and keep on thinking that it will be a disaster, believe me, it will be. Believe in yourself as being a good, positive person worthy of healthy love. Then be confident about it. Confidence is the sexiest thing there is.... not arrogance.
Study what it means to be confident. Acknowledge your good qualities and accomplishments. Write them down.

5. Find your date


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If you are looking for a short-term partner who doesn’t take dating seriously, put yourself where they are ⎯ the bars, the clubs, and dance joints.

If you are looking for a long-term partner, put yourself in the places where he is ⎯ the tennis club, church, or the bookstore.

The main point is to date, you need to meet them, and that isn’t going to happen while you are at home surfing the Internet or just by swiping at dating apps.

6. Do not flirt

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You should keep it friendly on your first date. Take things slowly and do not rush anything cause you have your whole life ahead of you and all the time to naturally go through the dating process.

7. Create a positive atmosphere

Most women may be very dull and at a loss when they start dating. In order to avoid the cold and embarrass each other, men should actively show their humor.

Crack your jokes or magic tricks, with your enthusiasm and cheerfulness to influence them so that they will be able to open their hearts. Eventually, you can better approach her and understand her. This will make your date more exciting.

8. Learn to listen

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It takes only a year or a few years for a person to learn to speak, but it takes a lifetime to learn to listen. Learning to listen is a kind of respect for others, a kind of attention, and an important ability. Women are born to like to talk to animals, although before opening the talk box, girls are quiet, shy, shy, even dull. However, once a woman's speech box is opened, it will be like a torrent of river water, downstream, rough. You should never doubt a woman's verbal ability.

Therefore, when a woman's talkbox is open, you must listen carefully and express your opinions appropriately when listening, or agree with her views, praise her profound insight, and so on.

In short, the most important thing is to make her feel that you are listening to her carefully and that you attach great importance to her. Listening not only makes you leave a special impression in her heart but also makes her look forward to the next encounter with you, laying a good foreshadowing for your further development.


9. Rejection is natural

 Rejection hurts, but it isn’t always bad. We can use it for redirection to try harder, reflect and grow. Cheer up! There’s always room for another try.

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