Funny and Cute Alternatives Nicknames for Grandparents (that are not Grandpa and Grandma)

Are you a new grandparent in the family and you feel “too old” to be called a grandma or a grandpa? Of course, you still wanted to sound as young, energetic, and fun. Calling you grandmother or grandfather makes you visualize a person with cane sitting on a rocking chair that has an ointment smell. Or if you are a new parent who is teaching their child how to call their grandparents, here are new and untraditional nicknames for your children to call your mom and dad:


Grand Father

1) Papaw or Pawpaw

– Most commonly used in southwestern region of the USA.

2) Graddy

– a combination of granddad and daddy even the littlest grandkids would love to say.

3) Baba

– a traditional name of grandfather for Turkish, Hindi, and Persian.  A few fun variations are Baboo, Babo, Beebaw, and Boppa

4) Gramps or Grampy

– If you have an irritable or bad tempered Grandpa

And if he loves his beard as much as he loves you, call him Bearded Grampy.

5) Chief

- or Jefe in Spanish. Just a perfect nickname for a grandpa that is taking in charge of the family.


- like Granda, just cooler. 

8)  Opa

– those with German or Dutch backgrounds, use this word to call their Grandparent. Although it originated in Germany, it is commonly use on Asian referring to older man or brother.

9) Pops

– Usually can be heard on teenagers, a modern and cool nickname, though.

10) Pappy

– Another term that originated on Southwestern US, since it sound like puppy, this is a cute way to call grandpa and small children will definitely catch this one very quickly.

For more Traditional Names for Grandfather, see here.


1) Glamma

– a glamorous woman who believes she is too young and fabulous to be called a grandma.

2) Mimi

– pretty and sweet.

3) Yaya

– A traditional Greek name for grandma. Variation is Yayay and on Thai it is simply Ya or Yai.

4) Nonna

– Originated on Italy but there are lots of variation including Nonnie, Noona, Nooni, or Nanoo.

5) Gigi

– less formal and “grand” to call your grandmother.

6) Mamaw or Mawmaw

– paired with Papaw that has an appeal on American South.

7) Babcia

- The true Polish name for grandmother.

8 ) Granny

– One of the most popular nickname used in the US.

9) Nana

- The word “nana” meant originally "children's nurse" from 1795 probably a child’s short term to Nanny meaning a “female adult other than mother”.

What's the deal with Grandparent names changing? 

The change in lifestyle in our society is one big factor why there are changes in calling our grandmothers and grandfathers. The way children watch their favorite cartoon will reflect on how they say their first words. Having a blended family is also a factor where non-blood related people become special on our lives. Nicknames of grandparents are like fashion too, it can be trendy and classic.

If you are not satisfied and still want to search more humorous name as a grandma, have fun taking this quiz – A Grandma Name Game.

Even if you teach your children to call them in a traditional way like Grandma and Grandpa, a little child will call still call them on the  way they like it like moo-maw and pee-paw, and everyone will think the names are so cute that they will stay. Well, that is how it works.

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