Why Uncles Are The Best

If you think, uncles are a just a brother of moms and dads, then think again. They too play an important roles in the lives of children. They are among the first adults children meet other than parents and grandparents. Here are some proofs why uncles are extremely influential and the best.

Uncle With Nieces

1) Single Uncles as a Co-Parent

Some uncles who are unmarried are eagerly making themselves a part of their niece and nephew’s life so they can have the experience of parenting without feeling the weight of the role’s responsibilities.

2) Uncles as Confidante


Some children are afraid to tell their parents some events in their life like a fight with their friends, or a secret date with their classmate. Or maybe they have a misunderstanding with their moms and dads and wants someone to vent it out. An uncle can be there as a confidante ready to give advice (and spill it out after to their brother and sister, huh!)


3) Uncles as Historian

An uncle, specially older uncles, can tell stories about their parent when he or she was young. They can retell stories the parent has told, and laugh at matters that only the parent and their siblings recognize or remember. Because of them, children can learn many things about their parents while they were growing up.

4) Uncles as the Spoilers


Uncles are more than willing to spend more on their nieces and nephews. They never say no and are not afraid to go overboard. They tend to give the biggest Christmas gift ever or the more expensive treat your parents gave you.

Uncle With Nephwe

If you are an uncle yourself, here are some cool tips on How To Be An Awesome Uncle.

Uncles roles in the family can’t be underestimated. They are a valuable part of every families. If the children in your family have a warm-hearted uncle, they are truly blessed. Try your best to maintain a healthy relationships with them, as they'll prove to be the most valuable ones that life can offer. Do not forget to appreciate their efforts and give them simple and unique gifts on special occasion. See our humorous mugs for uncles that will make them laugh more.

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