8 Realistic Mom Goals For the New Year 2022


And it came to pass that the year 2021 will end and a new year is coming into our life. As a mother, time flies to us every day. There is a saying that “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” by Andrew Carnegie. 

Starting up this new year with a goal will help us be motivated and positive to move forward to keep on going and seek a better life not just for us but also for our family and children. Most moms will set goals like losing weight (or just getting in better shape) and the others will say they want to be a better mom. Hearing about these always makes me remember my own struggles and doubts about parenting.

Setting realistic goals is far better than just making goals. Would that make more sense to you? Like most of us will say " My goal for this year is to lose weight" To be honest with you, I have been saying this goal every new year but nothing happens I never achieve it! So frustrating. But if we can learn how to set realistic goals I know that this will help our thoughts and lead us to success. 

Here's are the 8 Realistic Mom Goals that you can set for this New Year 2022! 

1.Set quality time. Create a daily habit of spending quality time with your kids, even on the busiest days.


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Time is gold, even your time with your kids is as precious as gold or more than that. You can set goals to have some simple memory with your kids every day, like having some funny selfie or knowing one new thing that they like and don't like. Mom's days are always busy but don't be so busy on setting quality time with your kids. You will never notice how time flies our days now.

2. Have a social media diet. Set a daily or weekly unplug time when you turn off all distractions and just focus on your kids.

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Think always about what matters most and focus on them and you will realize that avoiding distractions like social media and other things don't matter anymore.  

3. Have a weekly or monthly family date. Start planning monthly (or weekly) dates with your kids.

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Your kids love to be with you. Due to your obligations as a mother (or sometimes working in a full-time job), we forget to set some dates with our kids. Planning ahead family date would help you know more about your kids and make them feel your love for them by planning amazing things for them.

Awesome Dates Idea

4. Have a daily memory with your child. Start a mother and child journal that will bring you closer.

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Kids like to write, They can express more their feelings and thoughts by writing, this is a great time for you to know them better. Share a journal with your thoughts about your child and also have them write the good things that make them happy and inspire them on that way, you can establish a connection with your kid. 

5. Teach them to learn the value of work by implementing daily routines for their kids.

One value that you can teach to your kid is to learn the value of work, setting some household chores, or giving simple tasks that can help a child to learn is the value of responsibility that would help them self reliant.

6. No shouting goal. Start a no-yelling challenge.

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You can establish peace at your home by starting not to yell. Controlling yourself and being slow to anger will help your kids feel peace and joy in your home.

7. Establish a home family evening. Implement weekly family nights to connect and have fun with your kids.

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A Game night would be a great idea to come closer with your children and also this will be the right time for you to teach them the right things that they can apply in their life, it will also serve as a teaching moment to you to help your kids to grow responsible. 

Here is some Game Night Idea for you!

8. Do something just for you every week.

Lastly, do not forget to get a goal for yourself. Loving yourself is the most important goal that you should do. Start setting a time just for you. Do things that you love. If you give something for yourself, you can always manage stress and challenges. 

I hope that this list will inspire you to set meaningful goals that will help you build a happy life!



  • Ms Charles

    Thanks information ☺️

  • Jessica Camain

    This is very helpful !
    I was reminded that just being there for my kids is not enough. We need to make full efforts and make time for our kids. Thanks for sharing!

  • Bes Guevarra

    Motherhood is a greater calling. Set goals that prioritize your child. Your child is God’s gift to you. Nurture and love them

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