A Better Version of Myself: 8 Dependable Tips for Dads

The pathway to being a dad is like voyaging in a vast ocean. There comes a time that huge waves might strike our ship but we should never falter no matter how hard the hit we may take because as dad, we are the source of courage and strength in our family. As we go along, we keep on praying and hoping to be the better version of ourselves so that we will be able to overcome all the challenges that we will face head-on. That is one of the greatest goals every Dad has. Here are the 8 Dependable Tips for Dads that will surely help them achieve such goal:

1. Be a good role model

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How will you be able to become a good role model to your kids as a Dad? First, remove all the negative qualities from yourself that you don’t want them to adapt to. For example, if you are drinking or smoking, there is a big chance that your kid will do that. Their reason will always be “If Dad can drink or smoke, why can’t I? So make sure you are modeling someone you would want your child to become, don’t be like those dads who drink or smoke and then zealously advise their children not to drink or smoke. Don't make them feel that you are the best in everything, make them feel that no one in our family is the best, we have to become best together. Sense of togetherness should be there at any cost. You and your wife should always respect each other. So that they will learn how to respect you and opposite genders in their life. Don't use abusive language otherwise you will use it outside. Don't be so hard on them. Don't use every belt on them, scale is enough for physical punishment. Sometimes hard physical punishment has bad effects on a child's mind. Don't run to give them sex education, give them love education, sex education will be better understood by them. Don't allow the world to teach them. This will create a bad effect on them. Kids nowadays are very observant and they pick up behaviors and habits quickly. Make sure that child sees some good examples from you.

2. Selflessness

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The role of the parent should be the role of selflessness. It's not about you. All of a sudden there is someone who is way more important, fragile, vulnerable than you are and you are responsible for him. You have to find a way to protect him, provide for him, and help him become the best version of himself. That is a huge role! And it's hard. And it's painful. And it's beautiful. And you have to put your ego aside, as much as possible. I often hear men speaking about how they will never let their children beat them in chess or basketball. But that's not the point. Make your focus on teaching your child to play chess or basketball. It doesn't matter who wins. It's not about you.

3. Be healthy for them

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In order to show up at your best, to be patient and loving, you need to prioritize self-care. Try, as much as you can, to eat well, sleep (particularly challenging), move your body and have fun.

 Also, the self-care practices that you're doing will help your child develop a healthy sense of life priorities and good habits.

4. Commend their efforts

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Brilliant children are praised for their excellent performance in the field of their talent. Then they become addicted to gold stars and terrified when they need to try something completely new, which may fail. And all the creative and original endeavors can fail and be criticized. 

Thus praise your child's efforts. Of course, his or her first basketball game or poem will be a horror. But who cares? The point is to keep the child happy, curious, and interested in the activity.

5. Be a good listener

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In other words, communicate. Children understand much more than we give them credit for. And they don't want to be the passengers, they don't want to blindly follow the rules. They are curious and they want to understand. Let your child ask many questions and offer the best answers you can. Also, ask your child questions and ask for his or her opinion or point of view. Don't limit the communication to: "How was your day?" Ask what made him or her laugh, what was interesting, what was hard. Create a safe space for communication and discussion.

6. You can learn from them

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You can teach your child numerous good things, but your child can do the same for you. If your child has a similar personality as you, you will be able to recognize your own traits in him or her, 

distinctly. If your child has a very different personality than you, you might get annoyed when you see what you're lacking. Your child can invoke your childhood memories and remind you of your favorite childhood activities. Children can also remind us of the importance of laughter, expressing emotions, and how important it is to eat well and take regular naps.

7. Support their dream

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Every good dad knows that children should be let to take their own path to adventures, while they stand aside and provide support. No matter how great or unrealistic their dreams might be, you as a dad need to do everything you can to stimulate their curiosity, be an inspiration to them to pursue their dream, and provide the necessary things for achieving those dreams

As a dad, the best thing that you can do is to support your children’s dreams to motivate them and lead them to success. Let them be whoever they need to be and they will surely become someone great. 

8. Be gentle and loving

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Many people feel that they need to make a child tough and resilient because life is hard. Yes, there's a jungle outside. Please, be gentle and loving. That's how you will teach your child to be gentle and loving.



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