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It is imperative that we know our uncles too since they are part of our family. We should know our uncles thoroughly by observing or talking with them on what are the things that make them happy and feel more valued. We have enlisted at least four (the wants and the needs) our uncles would love to have.

1.“The way to his heart is through his stomach”

First and foremost, and very essential to humans since this world has been created through the Big Bang or from anything that science declares. From our ancestors to the ancient civilization, generations have passed since food has become more evolved and became prominent everywhere in every culture and people of the island of the sea. And yes, as James Beard says, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” 

And how did our uncle desire food more than anything? How is it related to this conversation? Well, your uncle, my uncle, loves good food, but, not just good -- excellent, and delicious food. Do not forget the food being healthy by the way. It is very important that our uncle eats healthy, delicious food. It is showing how we cared for him and we think of him even if he is not around or he is being a family man. Appetizing, healthy, and flavorful food is for his dear health and strong immunity. If children need it and so do the adults too.

 2.“A [pair] made in heaven…”

Did you know how you have an uncle? Oh, your grandparents have some stories to tell.  Anyway, we will still tell you how you have an uncle. But it is brief so here it is. Your grandfather met your grandmother or maybe the other way around, courtship happened, they fell in love, engaged, married (maybe), and eventually had and raised kids. Viola, one of them is your uncle. 

Why are we telling this? Because seeing your uncle together with his special someone is such a precious moment for him. Be it in a relationship, engaged, or just married, uncles are the happiest person for having a spouse or partner in life. And gradually, your uncle will have kids too, and the cycle goes on as also experienced by your grandparents. You too will experience what your uncle will experience.

Credit: Couple On Mountain

3.“Indulging into something…”

The most satisfying feeling for a person is to learn a new talent or to continue on the skills learned through endeavors. Every person has a talent or skill unique from everyone, and we know that our uncles have talents and skills, too. Be it in arts, music, languages, or sciences, uncles spend more time on them, and moreover, these skills and talents are fundamentals in their lives since it is their bread and butter. We can approach them if we want to learn a few things about what they have. 

4.“To Switch Off…”

Being exhausted is also a feeling that our uncles are feeling in themselves. They also need to relax sometimes. Watching movies or sports games is one of the most common activities they’re doing to ease the burden of day-to-day life. Sometimes they go hiking or view beautiful sceneries near their place. We have uncles who love playing video or online games on a pc or console. In these activities, they are feeling relaxed and refreshed after days of work. 

 Credit: Relaxing In Nature Photo

Now, we know them inside out already, it is good to feel that we show fondness over them. Cheers to our uncle for being patient and loving to us. Great things come in different sizes. And we do know that what goes around, comes around. 

Here at Panvola, gifts are so special that we sell mugs that have messages for our uncles which they can keep as a remembrance. 



Couple On Mountain

Relaxing In Nature Photo

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  • Daniel Peterson

    I love this message! As an uncle myself, as well as a nephew to many uncles, this message resonates with me. Many of my uncles have had a big impact on me! My uncles definitely deserve a gift!

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