What are the important Uncle Role that you should know!

Do you know who is one of the most amazing, fascinating, glorious people you have met other than your dad? We did say glorious, didn’t we? Because you have already met him without knowing that he also loves you. For a woman/lady/girl, it is not your first crush nor your boy-best friend, nor your dog. For a man/gentleman/boy, it is not your best friend, nor your bachelor group, nor your dog(too). You will see him alone, or hanging out with his friends too, like many of us have and many of us do since he is also an ordinary and normal person with his own life and own ways. But he also loves you as your father/dad has loved you. We know you already know whom we are talking about. And if you are thinking what we are thinking, too, you guess it right. It is your Uncle. He may be single, married, divorced, or in a complicated relationship -- he is your mother’s or father’s brother -- and can be your second father as well.

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There was this one movie entitled "Gifted" it's about an uncle taking care and custody of his niece however his mother found out that his niece was an exceptionally mathematical genius, wanting his niece to study at the prestigious school because of being a gifted child. According to the movie, this uncle was wanting custody of his niece because he wanted her to have a normal life as a kid, playing with other kids at school. He almost lost custody of his niece due to his mother. This movie showed that uncles love their nieces or nephews in ways we cannot expect. Even though it was only a movie, still it could happen in real life as well.

We know that our uncle is sometimes moody, or seems irritated, or sometimes profound thinking, however, if you approached or talked to him, he will talk with you and entertain you. He is very happy to see you and hoping that you always visit or see him.

Please do not hesitate to visit or seeing him, please always do, especially if your uncle is still single or in a complicated relationship, he sees you as his child. He will always hang out with you and with your family. Drop a call, visit, or, write a letter during his birthdays, holidays, or special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, or Thanksgiving.

Gift him if you already can. A perfect gift could be a wonderful pair of sunglasses to make him more handsome. A beautiful and not-so-expensive watch to make his wrist more trendy. Or even a mug to send him a message about how great for having an uncle like him is. He has many ways to show appreciation once we do these. He will hug you, play with you, or, take you out to your most favorite park you do always visit.

Our uncle can help us grow as a person.

He can be at our side during our gloomy and blue days. He can also give and share to us wonderful and amazing pearls of wisdom from his experiences. We can learn from him. The most precious moments with our uncle are life-changing to the fact that he can be one of the many contributors to our growth and personal development. It is not by chance we have an uncle, but it is a blessing from Heaven as a symbol of love poured out to us. If you still have an uncle around with you or living away from you, please give him a hug or give a short call and say to them how much you love and miss him. Give it a try!


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