6 Easy Step to Help Your Baby Fall Asleep at Night for Only 10 minutes

Sleeping is the most important of your baby's childhood time. Giving them enough sleep will help them have great brain development. For some mom putting their child to bed is one of the challenges they face every day. Today, that problem would be resolved because helping your kids to put to bed should be a magical moment for your baby and for you also and not a nightmare. Your child's energy is unlimited. Believe me, if there will be the busiest person in your home, it’s your child. Every moment for them is an adventure, even if they are just in the crib, playing in the backyard, or just simply having their snack. Everything about them is like a surprise gift that you would never know what's inside or for you, you will never know what will happen next.

Helping your kid to fall asleep would be a challenge at the first moment but eventually, you will learn how to master it until such time everything is normal. How can you say that everything is normal? If you’re having straight 6-8 hours of night sleep also, it means you are an awesome mom in helping your baby to fall asleep at night. 

My job now is to give you 6 easy steps to help your baby fall asleep at night for only 10minutes. Do you think this is impossible? To have doubt is normal but I can assure you that if you apply these steps, you will thank us later.

  1. The Ants go marching one by one tactic

Giving a full schedule activity for your child would give you enough way to help them to sleep, this is can be applied to all ages. Sometimes you need to be creative about what your child will do for the whole day. Please do not let them just watch nursery rhymes. Their time is very precious and you should be able to plan meaningful activities for them. 

  1. I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas!

Source: Bedtime snacks that help kids to sleep better

    They said eating apples in a day put the doctor away but do you know giving your kid one banana during dinner time will help them feel relaxed that can be a key to helping them feel sleepy? According to one study, potassium levels also play a role in sleep, with more benefiting slumber time.

    1. Gadgets, gadgets, go away! 

    Now our days, children are exposed to gadgets and radiation. It is a very sad reality that the virtual world can run your children's minds now. Electronic gadgets can affect your child’s quality sleep at night. What you should do is to put them away, also if you do it consistently they may understand in their own understanding that it is time to sleep and the gadgets need to go away.

    1. 5 little monkeys are jumping on the bed move.

    Credit: StockSnap.io

    Set a time to have a little playtime before putting your children to bed. Jumping is one of their favorite thing to do. So just give it to them before bedtime. Spend some time to let them jump, laugh, or play with you, it will make them feel tired which would make them slow down and makes them fell asleep afterward.

    1. ABC's Story time.

    Reading stories before bedtime is one of the traditions that moms usually do but do you know that if you will show them how you read stories will also help them feel sleepy? It will be also a teaching moment for you to help your baby become familiar with ABCs. Reading the stories by letter would help them try reading also and we all know if you want to feel sleepy just leave them to your books.

    1. Good night to you, good night to mom routine. 

    Your child's time will run fast, so make every moment count. Mothers' Roles are the number one caregiver for their children your presence at every bedtime really matters. Do you know that even your scent can make your kid calm and help them feel cozy and comfortable? How much more is your availability and presence? The only key in helping your baby feel sleepy is to give them a good night’s love night. You are their favorite person in the whole wide world and you give them always a better place even if in their dreams. It would not be perfect as you first apply these tactics to your kids but you can make a daily mom's goal, to help you things possible. 

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