How Can A Mother's Role in the Family Can Make Home Heaven on Earth?


Have you imagined sometimes what heaven looks like? Did you know that as a mother you have the power to create heaven on earth? Yes! You can. Home can be a Heaven on Earth and to be a mother you have a big role to play to establish and bring the spirit of heaven in your husband's life, to your kid's life, and most especially to your whole Family

The mother is the “light of the family”. She takes care of the husband, children, home, and household chores. Together they help hand in hand to keep the family, raise the children, teach them values and the culture of which they belong, and provide the basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing.

They also give love to all its member and promote their welfare. The mother and father are the role model of the children.

How Can A Mother's Role in the Family Make Home Heaven on Earth? 

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As a mother you are the light of the family, you serve as a guide to your children and a companion to your husband. Your role in their life is like a guiding star that can lead them to make righteous decisions in life and set meaningful goals and how can be able to use their time-wise.

A mother's influence is like running waters in the river, flowing and endless. Your role in your family's life is not just making dinner, cleaning, picking up kids at school, or anything. A mother's role is to save one nation by teaching her children correct wisdom in life for them to apply at times of challenge and trials.

Your job is to make sure that whenever your children are at home they can be able to feel that heaven can be still be found beyond the wall of your home. 


What is Mother's Role to her family? 

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Be compassionate.

Love is always the key to everything, the first reason why you have a family right now is that you choose to love, as a mother your role is to bring unconditional love for your children and husband. 

Be empathetic.

Every family has weaknesses and struggles but as a mother, your role is to understand everyone in the family and learn how to balance things that would help everyone to overcome trials and challenges. 

Make sure her child is safe while letting them fail (how can you learn to get up if you don’t fall?).

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As a mother your role in your children is to make them strong at times of hardship, you can be able to help them do that by teaching them correct principles in life so that they can govern themself through choosing righteous choices. 

Ensure there is a roof over their heads, food in their belly, clothes on their backs.

Even if this responsibility is directed to fathers, as a mother you also play a big part in providing for your family and helping your companion (husband) all the way. 

Set limits and responsibilities.

Setting limitations and responsibility is the key to success for one individual. Your home is the first school of your children which the lesson that we teach them here will not be thought in school. Your role as a mother is to teach your children to learn the value of work by taking up responsibility and learning to be patient and disciplined. 


How can I make our home heaven on earth? 

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We love each family member. If you can establish love, kindness, charity, humility, service in your family. You can be definitely found heaven on earth. You can be able to find joy, peace, and comfort in your home. Your children will be able to enjoy staying at home and will be eventually inviting others to come to your home to make them also feel the love that living within your home's wall. 

Praying daily in our home.

Acknowledging always God's presence in our life can be one of the great factors to make home heaven on earth. As a mother making sure that your children respect and acknowledge God in their life would be really life-changing to everyone. 

Drawing family near each week.

Family time can strengthen the bonds of each family member and also give great memories to your family. If you will be able to have some fun and enjoy the company of one another's family members the spirit of heaven will be always live within the walls of your home. 

Serving each other's family members. 

A service is an act of love that promotes a positive outcome to all problems. Your children should learn how to serve also their parents and other people because of this your children will be able to learn the principle of work and learn of the importance of being self-reliant. 

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A good mother should always be there to offer guidance, support and be a good listener. Our role is to prepare our children to be independent law-abiding citizens, teach them right from wrong, to be kind, caring, and considerate. This will instill values that they will hopefully pass on to their own children in the future. However, what every mother should be conscious about is to raise their child to be good human beings first, respect for oneself, elders, and family, respect the dignity of labor, be responsible for his/her acts, words, be caring and learn to share. Respect for the environment and your contributions.

Remember, "Only a happy mom can raise happy kids" The main responsibility of a mother aside from what we all want and would like to expect from others is, to nurture our future adults in a healthy well-rounded way, making sure they have every opportunity they can have at whatever level is possible, given the financial and other circumstances. You can be rich yet poor, you can be poor yet rich. Bring children into life expecting to make many sacrifices for them to be happy healthy and content and mature into that same type of adult. Who does not take more from the world around him than he gives back? And hopefully will give more than he takes eventually, the scales being tipped as to help the more unfortunate. 

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A mother's role is unmeasurable, she plays the biggest part in her children's lives that can start up for their success and hope in life. If you can be able to establish heaven in your home a lot of great things and happy memories can happen to your family. I think everyone would be willing to do anything for a family that lives in a home that likes heaven.


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