5 Great Reason Why Marriage is Better than Singleness and What is the Difference?

Everyone has their own choice to live in what way they want it to be. Others may choose to be alone all by themselves, then many people choose to marry someone for the rest of their lives. I can still remember when I was still single, it would be really hard for me to make the right decision in life but when a righteous companion came into my life everything changed. 

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With my thoughts with you, I will share with you 5 Great reasons why marriage is better than Singleness and what is the difference. 

1. You have a companion at all times


The first reason why marriage is better than singleness is that you will never be alone. Try to imagine a life that you are just alone then try to live life without sharing it with someone. I've learned in this life that "life is short" you will never know when life will end, but you have a choice to have someone like a companion that can be with you at all times. Is it wonderful to have someone and be married to a righteous companion and feel loved every day? come to think of it. 

When I was still single people come and go in life, which is a bit sad to be honest because it was inconsistent but the difference between married life the single life is that to be married is having someone have your back and will stay for the rest of your life. 

2. He/She is my Person

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Are you familiar with the story of Meredith Grey and Christina Yang? " You are my person" it composes of 4 words but the importance of you to a person telling it to you is overwhelming. Imagine a life that there is someone that always believes and has faith in you? A person that will support you all the time and will love you no matter how hard or worst things happen? One great reason why being married is better is because as husband and wife both of you are bonded with a realistic goal in life which is to make each other happy. So the benefit of it is that you have someone that would help you achieve your highest potential in life.  

While in the other hand " no one can leave alone, you always need someone" 

3. Valentine's day is not just February 14th. 


If you are married you will experience extraordinary romance with your husband or wife, your relationship built with a foundation of love, trust, charity, service, work, loyalty, fidelity, care, faith, honesty, respect, and intimacy. As husband and wife, your calling is to have a family and nurture children. One great reason married life is better is because you have it all. You are sealed with a person that is committed to being with you all the time, then if you are married valentines day can be every day, You know what I mean? 

The difference of intimacy of a single is really unsafe. Then if you will be pregnant out of wedlock, your stability in life may falter, because it is unplanned. While if you are married it would be easy to have your own family because as husband and wife you have the same goal. 

4. You are much better than yesterday. 

One great reason for being married is that you are much better than yesterday, you have the right reason in life and your direction is clear. A person who is married would be ready to take responsibility like taking care of a child, working, providing needed things for the family, have you wondered why? It is because you have come to know the true meaning of happiness. Marriage is not a relationship, it is a lifelong commitment that every day is given to you because you have someone with you that helps you in good or bad. You just need to always love and serve. 

5. Eternal Family will be given to you. 


In the beginning, God creates Adam and Eve to replenish the earth. Husband and wife as a sacred calling to build a heaven on earth by having their own family. One of the reasons why marriage is great? You do not things alone, you have always your companion with you. You will be blessed to have an eternal family and will be given a chance to be a family. 

Seeking the right one for you would be difficult for singles to find but hope is always available for those who ask, then knock and it shall be given to you at the right time. I hope that these 5 great reasons why marriage is better than singleness can be able to help you choose which one is better for your life.

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