8 Romantic Ideas for husband birthday that you should try!

As a wife your very first priority is the happiness of your better half. On all special occasions, your goal is to make him feel how much you love him. Husbands may sometimes do not like surprises, do you agree with me? Well, if your answer is "Yes" it means we are on the same page. Thoughtful messages most especially on birthdays are very important so as a wife, you would give your husband the most romantic message for his birthday. So here are some tips that you can say to him on that very special day! 

Do not say I love you yet! 

I know you may think that saying "I love you" to him would be the cheesiest words, but not at the beginning of his day. Plan some simple and cheap unspoken act like buying a candle cake then simply put them in a cupcake and wait until its midnight to make sure you are the first person that would greet him and sing a happy birthday song on that special day, then simply tell him " To be your first greeter means I am your first lover today"

Wacky memory...

Mesmerizing old days might be one of your thoughts to make him feel loved but do you know that you can make him feel loved while you share the funniest moment you have with him and remember how you enjoy that moment his company? 

Sending on his email or FB messager the funniest collection photo you have of him will make him feel love and remembered and leave a simple note like " with you, I laugh a lot and that is why I choose to be forever with you" 

Time would the perfect gift for him.

His birthday can only last within 24 hours and make sure you give him quality time, try to know before his birthday what does he really like on his birthday and you will be surprised how simple he likes it would be. Try to post a meaningful thought on his laptop as a wallpaper that would surely touch his heart like " I hope you know how much I appreciate you and your sacrifice for our family, every day as you work hard for us is a gift from heaven. Thank you!"

Know what exactly he likes! 

You can try to be a spy for your husband before the big day. You can be able to know what he likes on his birthday by trying to seek what recently item he view in an online store, or have a normal conversation with him by asking what would be the interesting thing to buy for him, in that way you can be able to get an idea from him what exactly he likes. 

Plan a simple date.

“The secret of staying young is to be simple and happy like a child.”

- Debasish Mridha

Surely your presence with him should be the climax of his day, as the love of his life, one of the things that would make him happy without a doubt is to have a special date with you, like good old days, so plan a simple date like, going to mall and window shop, go to his favorite store, or plan a simple special dinner with his favorite dish, a simple date can make him special because you are there. "Just you and me everything is enough"

Laugh out loud "LOL"

Exchanging some joke, punchline, or pick-up line can be a starter to make him laugh, I know not all women are good at telling jokes, to make you prepared before his day do some research, just to make sure he will LOL! 

Call for a friend

Asking for your husband’s friend to record a short birthday message would be an amazing gift to him. Ask your friend to have a short video message to him and join them together on a surprise video presentation. 100% your husband will feel so loved on his special day! 

Memory brings back, gives memory...

They said, " Memories are timeless treasures of the heart." collecting old photos of your husband and compiling them in a simple slide show presentation would be an amazing way to bring happiness in his life and be able to see old photos of him and seeing what he looks now and what the achievements he get as the year goes by. 

All in all, love is the most powerful and perfect gift to give to a very special person in your life like your husband. Every day you are given a chance to give love and let him know how much you enjoy life because of him. No treasures in this world can beat how important he is in your life, so he is to you too. I hope these tips can be able to help you give him the birthday he deserves. 

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