Top 8 Challenges Only First Time Moms will Experience And How Can Overcome Them!

I will never forget the first time I heard the cry of my little boy after giving birth to him way back in 2015. Mix emotion but only happiness is the only thing you will feel inside your heart. When women enter the world of motherhood things changes sleep routine, diet, level of stress, work, even your physical body will change, there will be a big chance that you will be fat. Most first-time moms will be crying because of the changes that happened but please be comforted because what you experience is normal. Everything will work out just fine, trust me! 

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As first-time moms, you will experience challenges that only first-time moms will see, feel, touch, smell, hear, encounter, and do. As you go through reading let me be clear to you that what happens is normal and you are not alone! 

Here are the Top 8 Challenges Only First Time Moms will Experience And How Can Overcome Them!

1. Nursing was never been easy! 

At first nursing, it is not easy, It was never been easy, nursing a newborn is demanding work, you need to wake up at least every 2 hours to feed your baby. This is one of the first times moms will encounter. 

According to Lisa Spiegel, the co-director of Soho Parenting in New York City and co-author of the book A Mother’s Circle: An Intimate Dialogue on Becoming a Mother, it may take weeks of practice and work before most mothers get the hang of breastfeeding. The first thing you need to do to overcome this challenge is DO NOT GIVE UP. Your breastmilk is a blessing from God that both mother and newborn should enjoy. The design of it is to make your baby healthy and help you recover fast. 

2. Being overwhelmed with responsibility as new parents.

As parents, you are responsible for everything, some couples experience challenges, like for the first time mom you need to take care of your baby 24/7. Non-stop of pooping, crying, nursing, and a lot more, you will encounter many more to come. While the first time, Dad will encounter pressure because he needs to provide for the family and sometimes has difficulty understanding how to help the mother with all of the tasks needed. Conflict for both parents will stay there but as you carefully talk to each other about how to overcome overwhelmed responsibility, everything will just work out. 

3. Get rid of your pre-pregnancy figure.

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After giving birth, your body is not the same anymore as before, you might gain weight and it will be hard to get rid of your pre-pregnancy figure. The solution for this challenge is to set some mom's goals for you to get back from your figure before. YOU NEED TO BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF. 

4. Balance your calling as a mom and work at the same time

Working full time and taking care of a newborn is not a joke or funny. Imagine, you need to nurse your baby every 2 hours then you need to pump and store milk for your baby for the day? then at the same time, you need to prepare a presentation with your boss. To be in a situation like this may require a first-time mom's time management and discipline. You need to always stick to your goal and work on it. 

5. Lack of time for yourself

As a mother the one thing you will accept in life is that you will never run out of responsibility as your baby grows in this world, you become a teacher, a friend, a cook, playmate and in your children's eyes, you are everything and most of the first time moms hard to adjust is to have lack of time for themselves. But please do not worry, we have a solution to this, you can still overcome tiredness and have some time for yourself. You'll just need to keep your time managed and use time wisely. 

6. You will never experience 8 hours of sleep again

There are things that you will be missing to do after giving birth "SLEEP". If you are doing exclusive breastfeeding with your newborn part of it is giving up sleep every night. This may be the one challenge that I may be able to give some tips on how to overcome because, to be honest with you now, I am a mother of three kids and If a will be given a chance to make 3 wishes on of them is to have a full night sleep. Do you get what I mean? What you can do for yourself is stay healthy. Drink all the vitamins you have and be strong for your family. 

7. Sometimes you feel sad

Sadness is normal if you are a first-time mom. They call it the postpartum period wherein new moms experience mixed emotions and feelings that would be hard to explain and understand. If you will be experiencing this challenge I suggest you talk with your partner and help you out.  You cannot overcome it alone, you need to feel loved and comforted. 

8. Sometimes you feel you are not good enough

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As a first-time mom, most of the challenges you will experience will be coming from yourself. There will be a time when you will feel that you are not good enough at what you do. To overcome this challenge the one thing you should do is to STOP thinking that you are not good enough. Being a mom is the most marvelous work and pretty much the most amazing job in the whole wide world. Whatever your condition or status in this like I want to tell you that you are doing great. Your love towards your children and family is enough to make things okay in their home. You are just an awesome mom because you just want to love and serve your family. You are the most amazing person in their lives. You are the creator of heaven here on earth. 

Challenges for the first time will be always there but be comforted that every day will be always a working process, if you cannot set things so perfect, that is okay. You can try again tomorrow. You are for ordaining as a mother to your children and are doing a great job. If you think that you cannot do it. I am here to tell you now that YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT JUST FINE. 

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